Kelle’s Nia Trainings

White Belt:

Focus: Physical sensation  |  Intent: To embody the foundation of Nia

The Nia White Belt Intensive lays the foundation for all Nia training and education. In White Belt, you are introduced to the first 13 principles of Nia focusing on the physical realm of the body.

All 52 principles of Nia are explored with your body and movement through the lens of Science-Craft-Art. During your training, you will be guided to place attention on your self, on your body, and on physical sensation, using movement to develop cognitive and somatic knowledge.


Principle 1, The Joy of Movement, is the foundation for the entire body of Nia work. This principle teaches you to choose sensation to connect to Joy. In Nia, the word Joy expresses a universal energy, different from emotional enjoyment. As you learn to sense your body, you can invite Joy into the experience of your life. Over time and through Nia practice, you can learn to sustain and increase the amount of Joy you sense in every experience.

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13 White Belt Principles

  1. The Joy of Movement
  2. Natural Time and the Movement Forms
  3. Music and the 8BC System
  4. Free Dance
  5. Awareness
  6. The Base of the Body
  7. Three Planes of Movement and Three Intensity Levels
  8. The Core of the Body
  9. The Upper Extremities of the Body
  10. X-Ray Anatomy
  11. Creating a Sacred Livelihood
  12. Continuing Education
  13. Teaching What You Sense
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    In the Nia White Belt, you will learn:

    • A deeper understanding of self: knowing your body, mind, emotions and spirit.
    • Techniques to sustain and increase pleasurable sensation in your body.
    • Ways to integrate Nia’s nine movement forms: Jazz Dance, Duncan Dance, Modern Dance; Aikido, Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do; The Alexander Technique, The Work of Moshe Feldenkrais® and Yoga.
    • The 52 Moves of Nia: the language of conditioning and self-healing.
    • How to work with the 8BC system: Developing listening skills to code and map music and sound.
    • The practice of RAW: Relaxed, Alert, Waiting and what it means to be in “living meditation.”
    • How to stimulate movement creativity using the eight stages of FreeDance.
    • The Body’s Way method for moving and physical conditioning.
    • How to listen to the voices of your body.
    • How to move Your Body’s Way.
    • How to “create space.”
    • About your “witness” and how to use it as a tool for self-healing.
    • How to create an optimal learning experience working with the Energy Allies.
    • How to communicate what you sense in your body.
    • Nia’s business philosophy and what it means to create a sacred livelihood based on your unique life purpose.
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      The $1599 USD price of the Nia White Belt Intensive includes:

      • 7-day White Belt Intensive Training, including 50+ hours of somatic education
      • 200+ page White Belt Learn book
      • NiaNow DVD
      • Subscription to Nia’s monthly e-Newsletter
      • Access to the Nia’s online Community Forum
      • Access to Nia’s monthly public telecourses
      • Nia White Belt (upon graduation)
      • Nia Certificate of Completion

      Upon completion of your White Belt Intensive Training, if you would like to continue your education and/or teach Nia in a fitness class or professional setting, you may do so by purchasing the Nia Livelihood Package for $520 USD, renewed annually.

      Nia Training Overview

      Nia trainings are designed for people of all shapes and sizes, and may be taken for both personal enrichment and professional development. They teach you about sensory-based movement as a pleasurable way to achieve lasting health, wellness and fitness. The Nia Training Structure, like the traditional martial arts model, includes several progressive belt levels with the Black Belt representing the highest level of mastery. Each belt intensive addresses five core-competency areas (movement, music, anatomy, science and philosophy) while exploring 13 unique Nia principles – except for the Green Belt, which is dedicated solely to the craft of teaching.

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      Don’t want to teach Nia but want to deepen your practice? Take the White Belt for personal enrichment. You will develop an increasingly refined and expanded skill set, heightened sense of self-awareness, and deepened connection to your body, mind, emotions and spirit. Learn about physical sensation, self-healing, the Five Sensations of Fitness, becoming a Sacred Athlete, how to condition the Body/Mind/Spirit way, and much more! Those who choose to become certified Nia teachers evolve their love of the Nia practice into a viable and fulfilling career. Aspiring Nia teachers follow the same training path as personal enrichment students – though they are eligible to teach after completing the White Belt Training and becoming Livelihood members.



      Move I.T.

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