“Kelle’s Nia teaching goes beyond learning steps or how to move or dance. Her gift as a teacher gives me “medicine” for my life. I leave class with the feeling that I have come home to myself, feeling alive in my mind and body, and most importantly, feeling my spirit has been cleared and cleansed.

When I enter Kelle’s Nia class, I know instantly it is safe to “unzip” myself – that is, I can drop the public face that I carry into work or in the world generally – and access what is in my inner life stirring or wanting attention. She creates a safe and playful space for exploring vulnerabilities, hopes, passions, emotions, yearnings – the wonderful raw human feelings that bring magic, wisdom and meaning to life. Kelle and her teachings are a jeweled blessing in my life.

Mark Griffith
Management Consultant

“Kelle is an inspiration to us all, a great example of smart and sensitive playfulness.  She makes Nia a safe and creative place for every one of us.”

Anne Russell, Artist/Designer

“I’ve had very few teachers as skilled, loving and conscientious as Kelle. Her presence and purpose is evident in every class, and her sense of humor keeps me laughing all the while i’m gettting a workout!”

Daniel Quat, Photographer

“Kelle is incredibly imaginative and seemingly spontaneous.  I feel like a real student in her classes. They have an academic quality, as her opening focus statements are so clear and deep, and she continues to remind us of the day’s intention. I feel she’s very serious about her work and I respect that. ”

Cullen Curtiss, Writer

“The joy I feel dancing daily with my tribe is something unique, and I find it nurturing at the heart level. Kelle is an extraordinary teacher, her words and movement inspire me to continue on my journey of discovery.”

Nance Lopez, Artist

“I began moving with Kelle several months after my oldest child had died while serving in the Peace Corps. Somehow Kelle’s class became a container for me to start pumping those great chemicals that help us all resolve stress whether we know it or not. Kelle’s rock-star enthusiasm and kindness always kept me distracted in class. She has a remarkable way of embracing everyone, as if she’s performing for an audience of 20,000. She prances like Mick Jagger, and sings with the music–while keeping all of us pumped and framed in a picture we see of ourselves getting more and more healthy. Thanks, Kelle, for taking the edge off, and allowing me to escape into physical creativity.”

Kristena Prater, Writer